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Tipsy's Pizza (11")

Hadouken Singapore

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Hazelnut Pumpkin Pizza (Vegetarian)
The taste of Fall in a pizza. Combined with crushed hazelnuts, mozzarella, arugula, Parmesan, hazelnut pesto and lemon vinaigrette. You will love it, whether you’re a vegetarian or not!

Guanciale Truffle Pizza
Guanciale is sure to throw you off your paws. Cured and baked to a crisp, experience this juicy guanciale accompanied by red onion, jalapeño, bechamel, mozzarella and a 63-degree poached egg on a fluffy pizza!

Hawaiian Pizza
You’ve got to try our take on the classic Hawaiian pizza. It’s topped with homemade bbq sauce, mozzarella, Japanese mayonnaise, roasted pork belly, jalapeño, pineapple & bonito flakes!

5-Cheese Pizza 
Cheesy goodness is spelt with mozzarella, provolone, cheddar, brie & garlic confit with garlic flakes. Hmmm.. not forgetting a parmesan bachemel base ;)